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Prepare for Pet Evacuation During Weather Emergencies

Pet medicine and treatments
No location is 100 percent safe from experiencing sudden weather hazards. Whether a winter blizzard or a summer flood forces you out of your home, plan ahead to ensure your pet is safe too. Here are a few tips to make an evacuation easier on you and your pet.
Prepare a Doggy Evacuation Kit
At any moment, in certain locations, you could be forced to leave your home due to unsafe floodwaters, electrical hazards, or imminent building collapse. During the management of a serious weather situation, you'll be glad that you've already packed an evacuation kit for your dog or cat.
Include the following items in your evacuation kit:
  • Containers for pet food and water
  • Bottled water
  • Three to seven days' worth of pet food
  • Pet medicine and treatments
  • Spare harness, collar, and leash
  • Blanket and toys
  • Flashlight
  • Safe pet crate or carrier
  • Current rabies and other tags
Trash bags and wipes are helpful for cleaning up dog messes. Disposable roasting pans and cat litter are useful to create temporary litter boxes for cats.
Always rotate pet medicines and food items in the evacuation kit so you have fresh supplies. Store the dog or cat evacuation kit in a durable duffel bag or backpack. You can train larger dogs to carry their own disaster kits in pack harnesses.
Develop an Exit Strategy
Work out how you'll handle your basic needs and the needs of your pet when you plan a potential evacuation strategy. Which roads will you travel and how? Where will you stay? Where will your pet stay?
Some shelters won't accept pets during weather emergencies. Pet-friendly hotels are one option, but the lodging fees add up as fast as vacant rooms fill with other weather refugees.
Make phone calls, go visiting, or ask if your friends or family can take in your cat or dog if you ever need help. If you can't find a safe place for your pet to ride out a storm, explore local boarding facilities within easy reach of your home.
Get to Know the Boarding Facility
When you choose a boarding facility for your pet during evacuations and home disasters, you're free to manage household damage, insurance claims, and displaced family members without the additional stresses of caring for your pet. You know your pet is safe, well-fed, and sheltered from loss of heat, falling trees, and floods.
However, your dog or cat can have stress by the sudden change in sleeping arrangements. Prepare your pet for potential evacuation by introducing your dog or cat to the boarding facility when the world around is calm.
Take advantage of classes and other services your chosen boarding facility offers. Enroll your dog in a fun daycare session every now and then. Let your cat hang out at the boarding facility's cat space one day a month, and schedule a playtime for your cat during the visit.
If your cat or dog freaks out due to cracking thunder and family disruption, the familiar boarding facility can be calming and distracting for your pets. However, good boarding facilities fill up quickly when evacuations occur nearby.
When you establish positive working relationships with the pet-care facilities of your choice before a weather emergency strikes, your animals benefit. During times of household upheaval, staff who know you and your pets will be helpful in locating other sources of emergency assistance even if they have no vacancies.
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