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Helpful Boarding Tips for Your Loved Ones

  • BOOK YOUR HOLIDAY RESERVATIONS EARLY. We often end up with waiting lists for holidays and summer weekends. A $50 nonrefundable deposit is required for all holiday reservations. If you must cancel a holiday reservation, it must be two weeks ahead of your pet's scheduled arrival or you WILL lose your deposit.
  • IT'S ALWAYS A GOOD IDEA TO ASK FOR A BATH/GROOMING BEFORE PICKUP. Regardless of our efforts to keep the runs clean, there are instances (i.e. rain, snow, playing with buddy, dumping water bowl) where your pet can get dirty. See our grooming page for more details.
  • LARGE ZIPLOCK BAGS WORK GREAT FOR BRINGING IN YOUR PET(S) FOOD, if different from IAMS. Please bring only the amount your pet needs for the stay. Label it with your pet's name and the quantity to feed.
  • WE RECOMMEND THAT YOU DO NOT FEED YOUR PET FOR FOUR HOURS AFTER THEY RETURN HOME FROM Longview Boarding & Grooming, LTD. The excitement of going home, coupled with extra food or treats, can cause acute stomach upset and diarrhea.
  • WE PROVIDE ALL BEDDING, BLANKETS, TOYS and BOWLS. This is for sanitary reasons and our bedding is made to fit our runs and washers. All our bedding and toys are cleaned in a bleach solution. Plus, since we use the buddy system, a pet may get possessive over his/her own bedding/toys.
  • IT'S A GOOD IDEA TO WALK YOUR DOG OUTSIDE BEFORE ENTERING THE OFFICE OR GROOMING SALON. This helps prevent accidents inside. We have a large grassy area in front of the facility.
  • YOU CAN ALWAYS HAVE YOUR VET FAX US YOUR PET(S) SHOT RECORDS WHEN YOU UPDATE HIS/HER VACCINES. Our fax number is 248-879-9742. Or, please bring the record sheet with you on your next visit, so we can update our records. Vaccinations or any kind of vet visit CANNOT be done WITHIN 14 days of your pet's boarding stay. We also require all boarders be on a flea/tick prevention program from your vet. Flea collars are NOT an appropriate flea prevention program.
  • If your cat is finicky about treats, please bring something he/she likes and we will gladly give it to them. We have Whiskas treats, Temptation treats and catnip at Longview.
  • If any information changes (i.e. address, phone number, ESPECIALLY your emergency number), please inform us so we can update our records. Your emergency number should be a cell phone number at which we can reach you or a person who can make decisions for you regarding your pet's care.
  • For grooming, it's good to get your dog on a schedule. The longer time between visits, the harder the grooming is on the dog and the higher the price is for you. Different breeds have different time frames but monthly seems to work best for the majority of breeds.
  • Longview accepts cash or checks ONLY. Sorry, NO credit or debit cards. Payment is due in full at pickup.
  • Many dogs have so much fun at Longview, it's not uncommon for them to come home and sleep for a long time. We have heard this often from our customers. Cats sleep all the time, but they like it here too.
  • During good weather months, we offer WALKS and PLAYTIMES. Most pets find this fun and enjoyable. Our boarding/day care rates and walk/playtime rates (combined) are cheaper than most "doggie day care" one-day rates.
  • Some say our office hours are a drawback, but we consider it a chance to give our boarded guests our undivided attention. Wouldn't you want us to give your pet the best care without having to stop constantly and answer the phone or wait on the office formalities? This also keeps the boarding costs down for the customer.

KNOW THE FACTS ABOUT CANINE COUGH. (See our vaccinations page for more info.) We clean and disinfect all animal enclosures every day, but no amount of cleaning can control an airborne illness like canine cough. It is present everywhere, NOT just kennels. A dog who never leaves his/her own backyard can get canine cough if a dog a few houses away has canine cough and coughs outside. It's present at the local dog park where you bring your pup to play with others. We do our very best to keep it out of Longview, but it’s the same as kids in school – one kid comes in coughing, and then next day, the whole class is coughing.